We have updated the Transportation System Plan (TSP) to meet the needs of Cottage Grove through 2035. Projects, strategies and priorities are identified in the updated 2015 TSP.

The TSP was adopted on January 11th, 2016. Please view the Final 2015 TSP and other project documents.



Welcome to the TSP Update!

HArrison@riverThe Cottage Grove Transportation System Plan (“TSP”) update will entail a comprehensive re-write of the current TSP (adopted in 2008) for the City of Cottage Grove. The TSP update will identify strategies and improvements to meet the transportation needs of the City of Cottage Grove through the 2035 planning horizon.

TSP Background

Since the TSP was adopted, several studies and plans have been completed including the Cottage Grove Development Code (2008), the 2037 Vision and Action Plan (2008), and the Economic Opportunities Analysis (2009). The urban growth boundary (“UGB”) has expanded to the southwest to include approximately 241 acres of primarily industrial and commercial lands on both sides of OR 99, near the south (partial) interchange with Interstate 5 (“I-5”). These identified growth areas will be incorporated into the updated travel demand forecasting efforts. The updated plans and land uses will be factored into the development of the future needs of the transportation system in 2035.

The previous TSP recommended an Interchange Area Management Plan for the northern I-5 interchange and identified that the intersection of OR 99 and Main Street does not meet mobility standards in the 2025 horizon year. Without specific strategies or solutions identified, policy conflicts have complicated the development review process. The updated TSP will review the travel forecasts, update them to 2035, and identify ways to address issues and deficiencies. Identified deficiencies will be addressed through specific improvement projects, programmatic strategies, and/or updated designations (e.g., alternative mobility standards) that meet the community vision and growth expectations. The TSP project list will recommend system improvements selected and prioritized based on reasonable funding forecasts for the next 20 years.


The 2008 TSP has become out of date in other key areas. The bike and pedestrian system requires a targeted re-evaluation with a focus on safety, barriers to access, and connections to the regional trail system. Street functional classifications and cross-section standards will also be reviewed and may be revised to ensure that they meet community needs and are consistent with the development code.

The Cottage Grove TSP update will address compliance with new and/or amended federal, state, and local plans, policies, and regulations including the Oregon Transportation Plan (“OTP”), the state Transportation Planning Rule (“TPR”), the Oregon Highway Plan (“OHP”) and Oregon Greenhouse Gas Reduction Initiative.